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Magical Unicorn Airwalker Supersize Balloon 46" HELIUM NOT INCLUDED


A magical party cannot be without a life-sized unicorn balloon. Invite this beautiful unicorn balloon to your party and it will bring your celebration to life beyond your most mystical fairytale dreams!


This magical unicorn party package comes with:

1x 46" Minion Foil Airwalker Supershape Balloon.


Each of these fantastic 46" life size balloons is designed in the shape of a Unicorn.  

These fantastic balloons come complete an incredible floating airwalking motion, simply fill with helium and attach the appropriate balloon weights and your balloon will 'walk' on air.  

Complete with easy to follow instructions these fantastic balloons are great for a Magical Unicorn themed party and perfect for children's parties.

The Balloon must be filled with helium for the desired use. This is an officially licensed product.