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Beyond Mystery Box UNLOCKED! Black Diamond Edition [Only 60 Boxes Available - LIMIT 3 PER CUSTOMER]

Sold out
  1. Each mystery box contains 1 pop. 
  2. Guaranteed EXCLUSIVE, CHASE, and CONVENTION only.
  3. Take a chance on any of the pops displayed in the photo at 29.95 each & free shipping on orders over $50. 
  4. Limit 3 per customer (any additional quantities selected will be cancelled).
  5. Every POP! comes with a pristine .50mm protector. 
Note: All figurines are brand new. Randomly and individually packaged into 60 boxes. 
All mystery boxes are final - no refunds or vinyl figure exchange. Hope you score the one you want and if not, no worries, we'll be launching more Mystery Boxes. Good luck and have fun!