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Beyond Mystery Box UNLOCKED! Dragon Ball Volumn #2 [Only 35 Boxes Available - LIMIT 3 PER CUSTOMER]

  1. Each mystery box contains 1 DBZ pop.
  2. Know your chances! See photos for all 35 DBZ pops at $20 plus shipping.
  3. Limit 3 per customer (any additional quantities selected will be cancelled).

Free shipping for U.S. orders of $50 or more!

Note: All figurines are brand new. Randomly and individually packaged into 35 boxes. Available (refer to photos: 35 exclusives available).
All mystery boxes are FINAL- no refunds or exchange.
Hope you score the one you want and if not, no worries, we'll be launching more Mystery Boxes. Good luck and have fun!
1x Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta (Gamestop Exclusive) 
2x Metallic Vegeta (no Sticker) 100% Authentic
1x Beerus (Flocked)
1x Goku Kamehameha (Gamestop Exclusive)
1x Zen-Oh 
1x Super Saiyan 3 Goku
1x Gotenks Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack
3x Son Goku
3x Gohan with sword
7x Super Saiyan Vegito
7x Jiren
7x Super Saiyan Gotenks